Thursday, 6th December 2012, we launched Estimated Times. On Wednesday, 5th December, we distributed 8,000 copies of the newspaper in the Toulouse’s metro system.

The publication was made possible thanks to a grant from the Municipality of Toulouse and the participation of Estelle Deschamp, Max Hulenski, Alice Kok, I-Wei Li and of course Pauline Payen. The project aim is to united different collaborators across Europe to produce an object. This object, a free newspaper, becomes a work of art which is distributed in a similar way to the free newspapers, offering the public food for thought in the early morning rush and humdrum. Culture can be active anywhere, even at 7 o’clock in the morning in a packed metro wagon.

For the next edition, we are looking for contributions concerning ‘Milk’. Why milk? The current CAP re-negociation, lactose the hip new intolerance, the legal obligation to breastfeed in certain EU countries and milk is something which links the periphery to the centres. If you are interested in becoming involved you can contact us here